Our company D.FRAGOULOPOULOS Ltd. was established in 1991 in Athens Greece.

The owner and creator of the company, Dimitris Fragoulopoulos, was a former salesman in GOOD YEAR factory in Greece in 1989 and later sales representative for the BP GREECE.



The headquarters of the company (fully owned company assets) are located in Pikermi, 20 km from Athens city center and in close proximity to Athens International Airport.

The company also owns 3 more warehouses in Athens as well as a branch in Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece, reaching total storage capabilities of 8.000m2.


Human Resources

Today D.FRAGOULOPOULOS Ltd. employs 27 full time employees who ensure all customers’ needs are timely and adequately met while at the same time experiencing a premium customer service.


Distribution Network

D.FRAGOULOPOULOS Ltd. distributes tires through a nationwide network of  retail partners and fleet accounts covering the whole of mainland of Greece and islands. Today we have more than 900 active accounts in the Greek market.


Our Brands

D.FRAGOULOPOULOS Ltd has a very wide portfolio of brands to stay always competitive and achieve the biggest possible customer satisfaction.

We have been for more than 15 years the official distributor of Giti group with Giti, GT-Radial, Primewell and Runway brands as well as Matador brand produced by Continental group.

In addition, D.FRAGOULOPOULOS Ltd has become recently the official distributor of Nexen Tire.

Furthermore, D.FRAGOULOPOULOS Ltd. is the distributor of Triangle OTR tires, Armour Industrial tires, Deestone Industrial tires as well as Alord and Accuride truck alloy wheels.



  • More than 25 years of tire experience
  • 27 highly trained empolyees
  • Nationwide and strongly established network of partners
  • More than 40.000 tires in stock.